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Baby food – baby shell pasta with homemade tomato sauce – from 12 months up

this is a super duper easy recipe for your baby and for the whole family. I just use a small size pasta for Luca and a regular size for mommy and daddy. Enjoy!!

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  1. thank you so much!!!

  2. love ur videos

  3. Esunshine hope

    he is adorable !!mine will turn 4 months in a week!! when did you start
    your baby with sold food!!! what did you gave him first!!

  4. hi! Luca was around 1yr old (14/5 months) when we shot the video. he had
    more or less 10 teeth at that time, no molars but the front ones yes.
    ciao!!! b

  5. How many tooth he has on this video?

  6. Thank you!! and welcome to BuonaPappa! I introduced Luca to solid foods
    when he was 6 months. the very first baby food was an apple puree. I
    steamed the apple first, they are easier to digest :-) the second one was a
    vegetable broth with rice cereal. (the 1st veggie broth was done with
    carrots only). Remember to follow the “4 days rule” when you start: wait 4
    days before adding a new veggie/fruit to his diet, that’s the time you will
    need to see if he has any allergy reaction. ciao ciao!

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