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Applesauce Recipe : Kids Recipe

Rebecca Brand shows how to make homemade apple sauce.Are you looking to make Kids Recipe for Making Applesauce? This how to make applesauce tutorial shows that you can make home made applesauce by scratch in only 10 minutes! Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Pink Lady, or Yellow Delicious apples are all fine; any kind of apple you have works with this super simple recipe. This technique for making applesauce quick is a trick for kids of all ages! Rebecca makes apple sauce with the least of ingredients for wholesome eating. Applesauce by scratch is easy, fast, and a great way to use your extra apples to give them a longer life, because this recipe for applesauce gives your apples an extra week in the frdige until you eat the recipe. Rebecca’s recipe for Apple Pie Smoothie can use these apples as well! If Apple is your favorite fruit, this cooked fruit apple recipe is faster than baked apples, so dessert time happens faster. This super low calorie dish is great for diets as well. This is a no sugar added recipe. Serving warm applesauce on a cold winter’s night is great for calorie counting, or a healhty apple dessert.


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  1. Tereza Gulieva


  2. You are smoking hot 

  3. I wanna marry you 

  4. Zion Lee (MeloZ Gaming)

    i –think ur 2oo talky! just make em!

  5. i will be making that yum yum

  6. Lanoosh Alnabulsi

    Thxxx so much. All the tutorials on YouTube are so complicated

  7. Isabela Nicolau

    Why do you give a step backwards in all of your videos?!???

  8. isn't the core edible? i read it was actually okay to eat

  9. Joe Schmeltzer

    Brought back memories, ty Rebecca :-) , have a nice day .

  10. I don't like apple sauce but watching you making them makes me want to try it

  11. Bear Santillanes

    Can't stop watching your videos, seriously. They make me smile but hungry. I think I'm going down to the kitchen 😀

  12. No, don't cook bananas, just mash them, I have a banana tummy comfort recipe, search on the box to find that, also, with a fresh peach, just mash that up… it will be great… those fruits you don't need to cook!

  13. Well I don't like apples can I use bananas and peaches

  14. athleticgirls12

    What Kind of cinnamon do I use plz answer??

  15. athleticgirls12

    I'm soo making this its simple fun and easy!!:)

  16. It sounds like you have really good parents! Wow, I'm so impressed you had such innovation and ate the apples without having to fuss with that masher!! Good for you!

  17. thxs, im not a fb person.. (yet.. parents wont let me) but i couldn't find my masher so i just ate cooked apples with cinnamon.. actually really delicious!!!!

  18. :)))

  19. Katherine, that is so neat, that makes me really happy when someone makes a recipe. I really try to keep it simple and hope that seeing recipes made easy inspires my watchers to try it theirselves! If you are a FB person, it would be so cool if you posted it to my FB page, Rebecca Brand Recipes. Enjoy your apple sauce!

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