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Apple Pie Recipe for Children Activity Idea | Cullen’s Abc’s

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  1. I just go by whatever is listed on the biscuit package. Hope this helps!
    Cullen :)

  2. Amanda Stueland

    Can you share the baking temperature and baking time. Thanks!

  3. This is fantastic´╗┐ news! Thank you so much for all of your support of
    Cullen’s Abc’s and for using my FREE Online Preschool! You rock! Cullen :)

  4. your a real good teacher! i wish i had someone like you when i was in
    school… your great

  5. I can not wait to do this!!!!

  6. Thanxs so much cullen for all the amazing tips and songs… Hugs from Chile

  7. We did this today in Daycare at Samis Family Childcare and the kids LOVED
    it. They loved making and eating them :) Thanks so much!

  8. AWESOME!!! hugs from Spain

  9. Aw, so cool! Thanks for following from across the pond! Cullen :)

  10. Cullen I just love you and what you do SO MUCH! We are just starting our
    homeschool journey this year, and you provide such an amazing ministry to
    moms! You are teaching me so much about how to be a great teacher to my
    kiddos (age 3 & 5). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! we’re doing this next

  11. Thank you so much ! Lol, Probably do this tomorrow, but for a dinner :3

  12. Yummy! That’s a great idea! I might have to make those for dinner too! :)
    Cullen :)

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