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Any Ice Cream Without Ice Cream Maker Video Recipe by Bhavna

Learn how to make your favorite flavored Ice Cream without Ice Cream maker and with very limited Ingredients.

I love to make Choco Chip Sandwich Dessert using this homemade mint choco Chip Ice Cream and Cookie.

These days, I keep two Ingredients on hand, first is Heavy Cream and the second ingredient, sweetened Condensed milk. That’s all it takes to prepare basic Ice Cream. Then you can add flavors as per your preference.

When I want to prepare Ice Cream with fresh fruits, I cube them and freeze/chill for couple of hours. Then when ready to make ice cream, first blend fruits then blend with cream and condensed milk. Make sure to reduce Condensed milk if your fruit is sweet. Finally, freeze and ready to eat Ice cream in just 6-8 hours.
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  1. how much condensed milk and can we mix in mixture

  2. where did you get the ice cream bowls

  3. If I want to make plain vanilla, do I just do the heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla extract? 

  4. Could u use fresh cream

  5. hai bhavana this is really amazing thanku sooooooooooooo much

  6. Thank you bhavna this is the easiest ice cream recipe ever I am surely going to use this recipe, thank you one again.

  7. bhavna i made it but without vanila or pepper mint extract but it is tasting oily

  8. bhavna thodu ahi mokalso

  9. Can i use all purpose cream 

  10. To skip the intro go to 0:44 

  11. Why ur not whipping the cream? ??
    Vl whipped n non whipped cream b differ in texture or consistency? ?

  12. hi bhavana i had tried icream befor but my pblm is that when i keep that batter in the deep fridge its becoming too hard like ice cubes so pls help me what to do.
    can wee keep battter in the deep fridge

  13. Anup Bhattacharya

    pls reply asap. i wanna try ur recipes….  and cn i use swtnd whip cream for your yogurt recipes??

  14. Anup Bhattacharya

    hi bhavna. i hv sweetened whip cream. cn i use tht? will the condnsd milk mk the ice cream tooo sweet if i use swtnd whip cream?

  15. AvengedIronScorpian

    Hi Bhavna. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I myself have passion in cooking. I love to try food in different origin. As for the ice cream recipe oh it's a heaven. My children and I loves ice cream a lot specially strawberry. Can I use this recipe and just add a fresh strawberries or do I need to add strawberry extract to get more strawberry flavor. Buying ice cream in store is very expensive and I thought I need to have an ice cream maker to make the ice cream. Thanks to you and now I can make it my own.

  16. hey can we use mixer instead of blender..???

  17. CAN you make ice cream without heavycream??

  18. I just finished taking my finished product out of the freezer and it tastes just as store bought. +Bhavna's Kitchen Thanks for uploading this 

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