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ANILAO and Grilled Liempo (Pork Belly) RECIPE

Served in every occasion, this sweet and flavorful dish are popular among kids and pica-pica lovers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Wow looks yummy i luv it… Thankx

  2. I really like your style. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. ito yung ginaya kong method ngayon and hopefully nakuha ko(curious ako lung
    bakit may pale pilsen), nakamarinate na ngayon then grill ko na lang bukas

  4. Sarap!!!!!! Ang galing pa ng presentation! Keep It up ChefBitoy!

  5. Robert Arivara

    @ragutz Thank you very much….(“,)

  6. kahit walang sauce masarap na :-)

  7. good choice of music and very good montage!

  8. Robert Arivara

    @paulomod5 Salamat… (“,)

  9. Robert Arivara

    @pinyot1999 Maraming salamat…. (“,)

  10. Great thanks mate

  11. The Best chef !!

  12. Thank you ChefBitoy!! I tried this recipe last week. Pinakamasarap na
    inihaw na liempo ever!!!

  13. lettherebelight3

    chef bitoyyyyy!! ayus na ayus nanaman ang kaiiinnnn!!! salamat!

  14. Robert Arivara

    @MrAdz1973 maraming salamat……(“,)

  15. Robert Arivara

    @vilepium Thank you very much…..(“,)

  16. Robert Arivara

    @sultrymeh It’s my pleasure…. (“,)

  17. Robert Arivara

    @arizlimpin Walang anuman…. (“,)

  18. aww..doin the god job mr chefbitoy.! im impresed with your cooking
    techniques mabuhay ka sir.

  19. Robert Arivara

    @TheCuriousBastard Welcome….. (‘,)

  20. Robert Arivara

    @trazoza …Kung puwede lang sana ipa-DHL ko na sa iyo iyong 5 pcs.

  21. Robert Arivara

    @Kaspergaling You’re welcome.. Thank you too for watching…..(“,)

  22. pre great job on that video and love that liempo recipe. I’m gonna have to
    try ASAP!

  23. TheCuriousBastard

    thank you chef!

  24. wow..galing mo chef..

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