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Almond Saffron Milk (Badam Milk) Recipe by Manjula, Indian Exotic Drink

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Almond Saffron Milk Badam Milk Recipe by Manjula

20 Oz full milk
10 almonds
10 pistachios
1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder
2 tablespoons sugar adjust to taste
few strands of saffron

For Garnishing:
1 teaspoon thinly sliced pistachios

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  1. thank you for this video. I just might try it at home sometime. i had some of this today at a party and i was wondering what it was, it was sweet orange milk with nuts in it, also tasted a little flowery and I thought there was a hint of ginger but not sure.

  2. Thankyou manjula 

  3. Very tasty

  4. manjula aunty it looks like u have upgraded ur kitchen. it looks great! thanks for this great recipe!!!! do u have a book out????!!! also would love to see you make peanut butter fudge. am having a hard time with that……:((((

  5. Caroline Dantheny

    Thank you for that delicious badam Milk and I love the little sentence at the end. I have the same feeling in drinking this childhood milk.

  6. Claudia Ferreira

    you rock!

  7. respect mam Manjula

  8. How is your pan clean without any burnt marks, Madam Manjula? Is there any secret? Thank you. 

  9. great recepie

  10. Thank you and love how you share with us your childhood memories:)

  11. thanks from, pakistan

  12. Plenty of choice for learners

  13. Great Almond Saffron Milk Recipe!!

    Thank you Manjula. 

  14. Looks. Good

  15. Rina Heisenberg

    Looks so good, hmmm… :)

  16. Looks very delicious :) Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  17. looks tasty

  18. It looks deliciouso.

  19. Maryam Yaseen Khan

    Your recipies are really good. And sweet and so are u……

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