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3 Ice Creams Delight | Mango-Coffee-Vanilla Flavoured IceCream Recipe

How to make homemade ice cream without artificial flavours? Learn from this Flavour Basket video and prepare Mango ice cream, Coffee ice cream and Vanilla ice cream in some real simple steps.
Ice creams are a summer delight, be it kids or adults; its everybody’ favorite to keep the heat away. Watch this video and learn to prepare these flavoured ice creams and you will be amazed how you forget the normal ice creams taste that you buy from the market. The steps described are very easy to follow. Plus all the ingredients are easily available in any kitchen so you wont have to rush to market in case you decide to prepare this ice cream with these simple steps and some special tips!!

WARNING: Keep away from children or they wont leave anything for you 😉

Recipe for Mango Ice cream: http://www.flavourbasket.com/2015/04/rich-mango-ice-cream-recipe/

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  1. Shruti Shrivastava

    Hey Guys #icecream  calling.
    That too flavored one and that' not all..its a 3 #homemade  ice creams flavour delight to cool your #summer2015  
    So next time you decide not to go out in the heat or have a party coming up in a day or two..here is a simple yet delightful recipe for your easy following…Enjoy these flavours anytime  

  2. #icecream delight for this #summer with #mango #vanilla #coffee #flavours ; easy steps and tasty #recipe

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