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✿‿✿ Cute kids show you how to make Homemade Pizza

BB Homemade Pizza

Please be advised: (Read description below)
✿An adult is always around when the kids are cooking
✿Safety First: Please be careful when using knifes or sharp objects
✿Always wash your hands before cooking
✿Always be careful when using raw eggs and meat wash hands with soap after use

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♫ by MIKO MUSIC sang by Briena, Britney and Voice of Landon
★ Directed by amourGoGo
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  1. I like your hair!!!!!!!!

  2. too cute! I let my daycare kiddies watch this video on pizza day.

  3. Delany Thonplon


  4. Luv your song and so adorable

  5. You guys need to be I'm the tv show "too cute". You're just too cute

  6. creative sisters

    like your song and your cute

  7. love

  8. Thank you for the support!

  9. Love the song

  10. Soo cute

  11. Thank you, we appreciate you stoping by to see our videos!

  12. Sooo cute !!!

  13. well do a healthy segment!

  14. You should try and have them make something healthy

  15. I'm going to have to come see them within the next year or two, they are getting so grown

  16. This was delicious!!!!

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